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Judge tosses ill-gotten FBI evidence against Paul Phua

A major ruling has occurred in online bookie Paul Phua Wei Seng’s case of illegal gambling, with a judge handing down a decision in the defendants favor. On Friday, United States District Judge Andrew Gordon decided to toss evidence obtained by FBI agents in the case, helping the Phua defense.

Gordon ruled that the evidence obtained by an FBI ruse would not be admissible in court. Gordon determined that the FBI was in violation of Phua’s right to privacy by tricking the defendant. Phua along with seven additional defendants were taken into custody in July of 2014 after a raid by the FBI on three villas located in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace.

The occupants of the villas were accused of taking part in illegal betting online with matches of the the 2014 FIFA W…...

Baccarat Strategy – Select An Experienced

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