Men’s Shoes for Dress – What Styles Are There-

Men’s Shoes for Dress – What Styles Are There?

Men’s shoes are elegant and classic. Material is the key to a high-quality pair of dress footwear. Most men favor leather. Finding the right fit for you and your heel is key. Designer men’s dress footwear is known for its broguework on the foot.

A pair that you enjoy wearing is one that has a brogue design as well as a toe style. These features may not be something that most men will think of when shopping for dress shoes but they are worth looking into.

Toe styles

It is all about personal style and appeal. But when it comes to shoes for formal occasions, you’ll only know the style that works best with your look. It is better to be rounded than square when you are shopping for Dress Shoes.

Plain toe–This style leaves the vamp undamaged, giving you a clean and minimalist look. This style is for when your outfit stands out more than the shoes.

Cap toe-This style uses horizontal stitching to divide the shoe vamp at one end. In most cases the stitching is a separate piece sewn onto the vamp, much like a cap. Oxford dress shoe are notable for the cap toe. But, there are many other styles of dress shoes that have this toe.

Medallion-toe – These shoes have a plain shoe toe with hints or brogue decoration. The decorations are not very prominent and the toe looks plain from close-up.

Split toe – Also known as the “apron” toe, this seam runs from the shoe’s middle around toe to where it ends at the shoe’s side. This style is popular in casual dress shoes.

Wingtip-toe – This style has a winged pealing at its center. The middle of the toe often has a brogue or a long seam.

Brogue styles

Brogue are the perforated decorative dress shoes. They come in different sizes and patterns. While perforations have been used for water drainage in wet areas, they have become a fashion statement and fashion trend. These decorations can be found in several styles of shoes, including monk shoes, oxford shoes, and derby shoes.

Full – The brogues have a winged capped shape. The cap reaches the toe of the opposite shoe, while the sides extend on the shoe sides. It’s a bold style, perfect for making a statement.

Long wing — The brogue forms a W-shape and extends down both shoe sides, all the way to center seam at back.

Semi – Also known as half-brogues, they can be placed at the cap top seam and at its center. This allows for refreshing embellishments that are subtler that full brogues.

Quarter – The brogues can be found along the cap-toe seam.