Endorphina announces new cyberpunk themed online slot game The Rise of AI

Imagine a world where robots rule over humanity. In Endorphina’s new cyberpunk slot release The Rise of AI, players get a taste of what life might be like in the future if the machines rise to power. The game takes us to 2050, where a post-apocalyptic world faces life after a global pandemic. In the aftermath, the few humans who remained created an AI to keep them safe. But the AI X-50 ha other plans. It became powerful and took over the world.

Automizing Everything:

As the AI took over, it decided to automize most everything. Most people who live in this world have lost their job and live under the poverty line. Struggling to survive, the people rely on the AI to randomly give away money.

While society is crumbling, there is still hope. A young hacker along with his cyborg friend are trying to hack the AI’s code to save the world. Do they have what it takes?

Features of the Game:From: nhà cái casino online

Once you load The Rise of AI, you are right at the heart of the cityFrom: web game casino. The developer set the reels a glow in neon colors and each symbol blends well with the cyberpunk feel. As you spin, a random multiplier can appear on the reels. When this symbol shows up, it will multiply all winning combinations if any occur. The maximum multiplier players can earn is 50x.

There is also a Risk Game tied to the new cyberpunk release. If you choose to play the gamble round, you will be able to choose a card from four cards that are dealt in front of you on a table face down. If you beat the dealer’s card, then you will see your win doubled. You can then try again. If the dealer wins, then you lose your winnings and the risk round comes to an end.

Expanding Their Portfolio:

According to the developer, they are continuing to expand upon their game portfolio by focusing on new themes for its games. With The Rise of AI, they are offering a game based on the trending cyberpunk theme. In other new titles by the developer, they look to other unique theming like trolls and Asgard.

Endorphina is encouraging every player to give the newest slot a try, whether they are a fan of cyberpunk or into new quality online slot games.